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Jealous Wife Scandal: Case of Slight Physical Injury, not Frustrated Murder – Prosecutor

3 Mar

Assistant City Prosecutor Liceria Rabillas recommended the filing of a case of slight physical injuries to Mrs. Pearl Ungab, the wife Atty. Jonnah John Ungab, who allegedly attacked Atty. Jiecel Tiu with a baseball bat in Barangay Cogon-Ramos last February 26.

The prosecutor did not see a clear intent to kill by the assailant. The recommendation was not received well by the camp of the victim as counsel Rex Fernandez said he will file a motion for reconsideration. Fernandez argued that Pearl’s action were pre-meditated owing to the fact that she was bringing a baseball bat in her car.

Based on the medico-legal report, Atty. Tiu suffered hematomas in her left ear, left shoulder, left knee and left hand, as well as multiple scratches.

A case of slight physical injuries can be considered a slap on the wrist and it is a distant downgrade from the frustrated murder that the victim originally wanted to file. The victim’s party is still filing a motion and they can also file additional charges against the assailant.  The maximum penalty for slight physical injuries is imprisonment for 30 days.

The husband of Mrs. Ungab has not issued any statement regarding the case.


Jealous Wife Scandal: Alleged Mistress wants Vice-Mayor to clear her Name

2 Mar

Atty. Jiecel Tiu wants Ronda Town Vice Mayor Jonnah John Ungab to publicly declare that they did not have an affair as alleged by the Vice-Mayor’s wife.

During a press conference, Tiu appealed to Ungab saying, “If you still consider me as a friend, please make a public statement. Just this once, I would like to set matters straight, dili ko kabit (I am not a mistress).”

Atty. Tiu held a press conference accompanied by her lawyers to air her side about the accusations made by Pearl Ungab, the wife of John Ungab. Tiu is filing murder charges against  Ungab, after she was beaten up with a baseball bat by the angry wife. The case is now going to the Regional Court, after Mrs. Ungab elected to forego the preliminary investigation.

Atty. Tiu used to belong to the same law office with the Vice-Mayor.  She worked at Ungab, Gealon and Associates for four years, before she was asked by Atty. John Ungab to resign to appease his wife. She only learned last year that the wife of the vice mayor suspected her of having an extra-marital affair with him.  The incident last February 26 was not the first time that Mrs. Ungab harassed her, according to the 31 year old female lawyer.

The Ungab family is solidly behind Pearl.  Atty. Tiu also suggested that the family should clarify the issue and make a public apology to clear her name.

USJ-R Scandal Update: Ex-Boyfriend submits to lie detector test

27 Feb

The young man who was in the controversial sex video that involved a student of University of San Jose- Recoletos has submitted himself to a lie detector test as part the National Bureau of Investegation’s (NBI) ongoing investigation on how the video ended up in the worldwide web.   The young man is sticking with his story that he lost his mobile phone that contained the intimate videos that he recorded with his ex-girlfriend 2 years ago He said that he did not have a reason to humiliate the young woman as they parted ways amicably.   The NBI has scheduled his polygraph test at the end of the week.

The video has gone viral earlier this month and it has been a hot topic in Cebu.  There was even a time that the school suspended the policy of requiring students to wear their uniforms. USJ-R declared they are going to allow the girl in the video to graduate this coming March.  The girl on the video has sought the assistance of the NBI to figure who culpable in uploading the video to the internet.

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