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Lingam masseurs earn 10,000 Pesos a week

7 Sep

Wow! The lingam massuers earn more than bank tellers. That’s really amazing. According to PB member Magpale a lingam masseuse earns 10,000 a week at the cost of their dignity. She does not want Cebu to be known as the Masturbation Capital of the Philippines. She is urging the provincial board to pass her pending bill on banning these types of massage parlors.

Caloycomment: Lingam… At least now it has a name. Before people go to massage parlors for the “extra-service” or “happy ending”. Can this bill, really stop sleazy acts in “spas”? Masturbation or even more can happen to these places. ¬†There are masseuse who offer home service? Would the police raid houses now? There are even places here in Cebu where people go to find sexual relief and it still exist now. Honestly, no amount of law can stop these acts unless they can really show that they can clean up the province of casas and adult bars. Sex sells and that’s a fact. ūüėČ

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Owner and Customer Charged, Lingam masseurs Freed

25 Aug

The owner of Authentic Lingam Ventures and a customer were charged in court yesterday for violating RA 9208 also know as Anti-Human Trafficking law. The court however no basis on filing a case against the workers of the massage parlor who were caught giving the customer a massage.

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Doctor: Lingam has some benefits

20 Aug

The Chairman of the Department of Medicine and Rehabilitation of Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC), Dr. Lohindren Adorable said that lingam has some use in rehabilitation medicine. Massages can improve circulation and relieve stress and pain according to Dr. Adorable. However, Adorable also declared that prostatic massage should be done trained physical therapists.

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Cebu Archdiocese in favor of Lingam and Yoni ban

18 Aug

Monsignor Achilles Dakay, the spokesman of the Archdiocese of Cebu said that mere regulation of establishments that offer lingam massage could still lead to immoral acts. Dakay also acknowledged the effort of private sector groups in opposing a pending bill by the Cebu City government. The Church stand is similar to the Cebu Provincial Government where Board Member Agnes Magpale’s bill on banning these services is up for second reading.

Public Hearing for Lingam massage set on Friday

17 Aug

The Cebu City council sets a public hearing on lingam and yoni massage on Friday.  This is made to aid the council on how to regulate the controversial massage methods.  Lingam and yoni are banned by the province and other nearby cities.  The lingam and yoni massages involve stimulation of the genitals. Proponents are claiming that these massages have health benefits and it attract tourists while critics say it can lead to prostitution and eventually sexual diseases.

If you are interested party, it would be good that you attend the council session.

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