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Cebuano farmer,50, killed by own Carabao

11 Jul

Ronda, Cebu – A farmer from Ronda town was killed when his was attacked by his Carabao. 50 year old Francisco De Aquino sustained several and broken bones after his own Carabao went on a rampage. He was dead on arrival at the hospital.

The family of the victim immediately sold the animal after incident because they needed money for the burial and other expenses.  The buyer when interview by a local TV station said that he had the carabao slaughtered because it was wild and he wanted prevent it from harming someone else.

Here is a video from GMA news about the incident:


GMA News video of the newly discovered Sinkholes in Cebu

25 Feb
English: Map of Cebu showing the location of D...

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Here is a video from GMA News detailing some recent discoveries relating to sinkholes. Apparently, some residents of Dumanjug got another scare after seeing “boiling” seawater. The Mines and Geosciences Bureau in the region is investigating the incident and is looking for the scientific explanation of what people saw. According to one of the geologists, there might be a spring in that area.  There is also a sinkhole discovered in Dalaguete apart from the sinkhole in Dumanjug and Ginatilan.

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