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Cebu City dads add fangs to anti-smoking ordinance

3 Oct
Cebu City City Hall

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Cebu City council amended some provisions City Ordinance (CO) 2241 or the Comprehensive Anti-Smoking Ordinance of Cebu City. As proposed by councilor Richard Osmeña, the fines for violators of the ordinance has been increased.

The law was drafted to protect the non-smokers to the negative effects of smoke. The city ordinance prohibits smoking in schools and other places where children frequent to. the ban is also in effect in medical facilities, laboratories, food preparation areas, and locations that have fire hazards.

Smoking is also not allowed in public places like airports, bus and ship terminals, restaurants, and conference halls. These type of establishment swould need to designate areas for smokers to be exempted from the prohibition.

The fines would be as follows:

First offenders – 3,000 pesos

2nd offenders – 4,000 pesos

3rd offenders – 5,000 pesos plus 1 year imprisonment

The compromise penalty for first time offenders will be 2,000 pesos if the offender settles the violation within 7 days and before a case is filed in court. 2,500 pesos will be the compromise fee if the case has been filed and no judgment has been made.



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