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Annabelle Rama files libel against 3 showbiz personalties; almost sure of running for Cebu City North district congressional seat

28 Jun

Cebu City – Famous Cebuana talent Manager Annabelle Rama flew home to Cebu yesterday with husband Eddie Gutierrez, son Elvis and grandchildren Lorin at Venice.  It was not for a vacation or family visit. Her main purpose of the visit to her home city is to file charges against Nadia Montenegro, Amalia Fuentes, and showbiz reporter reporter Chito Alcid.  She filed several counts of libel against three for allegedly posting libelous statements in social networking sites.  She was accompanied by her lawyer Delon Richel Ramon Urot, her brother Basak San Nicolas barangay captain George Rama, and other family members and supporters, when she filed the cases at the Cebu City Prosecutor’s Office.

In her interview, she also mentioned that she is bent on running in the coming May 2013 elections for the house seat of the Cebu City North District.  She is a cousin of the incumbent City mayor Michael Rama who are out odds with South District Congressman Tomas Osmeña.  The north district seat is currently held by Cutie Del Mar. The del Mars have long held the post and the family are staunch allies of Osmeña.

Here is a youtube video of her interview with the local media in Cebu:


2013 elections preview: Councilor Labella to run for Cebu City VM

28 Feb
Official seal of City of Cebu

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The line-ups of the contending parties for the exciting 2013 elections in Cebu City is slowly taking shape. Councilor Edgardo Labella accepted the invitation of incumbent Mayor Mike Rama to be his running mate in the Liberal Party slate. Their candidate for the South district congressional seat will be former Congressman Antonio Cuenco. Some Barangay captains and city councilorsexpressed support for the Rama-Labella tandem. Apas Barangay Captain Ramil Ayuman and Busay Barangay captain Yody Sanchez were vocal of their support.

Current South district Congressman Tomas Osmeña is bent on getting back his old mayoralty post and he has chosen Vice Mayor  Joy Young. Osmena’s party the Bando Osmena Pundok Kauswagan (BOPK) has been the undisputed dominant party in Cebu City. Congressman Osmena will hold a press conference this week to voice out his reaction on these recent developments.

Three city councilors were also present when Councilor Labella announced his acceptance to be Mike Rama’s running mate.  Councilors Daluz, Ronald Cuenco, and Eduardo Rama Jr., who all won slots in the city council under BOPK, are now siding with the current Cebu Mayor.

While the elections is still over a year away, it is expected that many politician will start positioning themselves as potential candidates or successors in the coming days. The battle for Cebu City posts is going to be very competitive and many political pundits are excited to know more developments about the new political alignments. We will keep you posted. 😉

On Road Widening and flyovers

2 Sep
One of the most recent issues today in Cebu is on how to go about the increasing traffic congestion in the city.  One side says that flyovers can help ease the traffic while the other side says the road widening must be the priority. If we live in a perfect world, probably the solution is both.
I am for either of the solutions. We have to recognize that traffic in Cebu is slowly becoming a problem during peak hours. There are several choke points not only in Cebu City but also in nearby cities and towns. It is a good thing that some people try to start projects that will somehow address the issue. Here are some of the things I noticed, that could help our leaders find an effective solution to a growing problem:
1.     2-Lane overpass- When I was living in Manila, the overpasses there are at least 4 lanes. A few years back, my brother told me that Cebu had a flyover. When we passed the said structure, I was so surprised that it was crammed and it only has two lanes. 2 lanes? What if some car stalls in one lane? The overpass would become pretty useless. Instead of becoming a solution, it becomes the source of more congestion. I think all overpasses here are just 2 lanes. Hopefully, our leaders should build infrastructures that will prepare us for much larger and more effective overpasses.
2.     Incomplete Road widening – Road widening will have a less effect if it is half-baked. I see roads that are widened yet the connecting road is 2 or 4 lanes less.  Examples: Hernan Cortes before San Vicente Village from SM (4 lanes) and H. Cortes after San Vicente Village (2 lanes); Talamban road. This practice causes bottlenecks and will just make the traffic worse. If ever the leader decide to just use widening as their only solution then they should propose to widen all roads in Cebu and that will definitely cost much.
3.     Traffic lights just after a flyover exit – It is big downer to see a traffic light just after a flyover exit. Flyovers are made for the traffic to skip traffic lights and intersections. It is not ideal to have traffic lights after a flyover. Just imagine during rush hour and you get stuck in an uphill position in a 2 lane flyover.  You are stuck because the ones in front are waiting for a green light.  One example is the flyover in Archbishop Reyes near Ayala.
4.     “Cheaters” going to the flyover entry – One added difficulty of just a 2-lane flyovers is that some vehicles especially jeepneys somehow tries to avoid the queue and just get ahead of the line.
5.     Substandard drainage –  There are more places in Cebu that get flooded nowadays. Floods definitely cause traffic and if the drainage system will not be improved then we can expect more congestion when it rains.
It might be right for the city government to create a road and drainage master plan but I do not like the idea of politicizing this issue. Some people just want a project stopped just to further their ideas. These people should recognize that stopping a project will not help solve anything. We can actually make flyovers and widen roads. Both ideas can exist with each other in fact if both ideas are implemented then the traffic congestion will definitely be a thing of the past. Hopefully, our leaders will get their acts together.

Samsung Galaxy Tabs for Barangay Captains

30 Aug
Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña at a campaign ral...

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If plans of Cebu City South District Congressman Tomas Osmeña push through, the 80 Cebu City Barangay leaders will be using an expensive mobile phone. the Cebu City ex-mayor is planning to give Samsung Galaxy Tabs to all barangay captains including those from the opposition.

The Galaxy Tab is a touch screen tablet computer which can double as phone. The Galaxy Tab has dual-cameras which allows video calls. The gadget is Android-based and an owner can install countless of applications into their unit.

Congressman Osmeña is also planning to give Galaxy Tabs to the barangay councilors of Guadalupe.

Cebu City Politics: Osmena drops charges against Guardo

13 Aug

Years of being the opposite side of politics, two of the city’s major political personalities have seemingly buried the hatchet. Jonathan Guardo has been the major opposition figure in the city and has faced Tomas Osmena several times in the elections and came out short everytime.

In 2010, they faced off for the Congressional spot for the Cebu City South District. Tomas Osmena won by landslide. During the campaign period of the 2010 elections, Guardo charged that  that the City Hall obstructed his attempt to deliver aid to the fire victims. This prompted then-mayor Osmena to file libel againt Guardo.

Yesterday, Guardo issued an apology to “any affront caused” by his statements. Osmena decided to drop his suit after the apology.  Many political pundits say that this move might have political implications.  Osmena so far dismissed the analysis.

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