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Ms. Mandaue Car Crash: Companion gives more details about the accident

27 Feb

More details are starting to come out on what transpired before the car crash that caused a former Ms. Mandaue titlist to lose her leg.  During an interview by the police as part of the accident investigation, 19 year old Junichi Dizon Kuribayashi of Sunny Hills, Talamban, Cebu told that he was not the one driving the wrecked Mazda 2 as it was Karina Gajudo who was behind steering wheel. He added that the two of them were heading home to Talamban after coming from the Barcode Bar in Crossroads Banilad.  They already went past the Banilad-Talamban flyover when Gajudo, the Miss Mandaue 2010 winner received a text message near Banilad Elementary School which made her decide to make a U-Turn to go back to Crossroads.  Before they reached the flyover, their car was seen to be veering left and right as if it was losing control. The white Mazda 2 then hit the concrete lane divider that caused the compact sedan to overturn.  The driver was thrown out of the car and in the process her lower leg to be detached from her body.

Kuribayashi suffered just minor injuries and was discharged from the North General Hospital.  The police initially suspected young man as the driver as his driver’s license was found inside the damaged car.   The police have not talked yet to Gajudo as they want the accident victim to recover first before asking questions regarding what transpired on Saturday dawn. Gajudo’s family in the meantime requests some privacy and they are thanking the people who expressed support to Karina.


Former Miss Mandaue loses leg after a nasty vehicular accident

24 Feb

2010 Miss Mandaue Karina Gajudo lost her leg after the Mazda that she was riding slammed into the wall of a flyover in Banilad, Cebu City. The 21- year old beauty pageant titlist was riding with 19 year old Junichi Jose Dizon Kuribayashi.  Both are residents Talamban, Cebu City.  The accident happened at 4 a.m. Saturday.  Gajudo was apparently thrown out of the car because of the intensity of the impact when car hit the wall. The car was turned upside down and it also hit a signage. The Mazda 2 was totally wrecked while both passengers were taken to different hospitals.

The police were asked by the Gajudo family to retrieve Karina’s leg a few hours after the accident.  The incident caused a minor traffic jam in the area as motorists cannot help but pause and look at the wrecked remains of the car. The police have not yet determined who was driving the car when the accident happened but some investigators believe that Kuribayashi was the one driving as they found his driver’s license inside the car.

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