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Melligen loses in Texas

2 Jul

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ALA boy Mark Jason Melligen lost his bout to Sebastian Lujan of Argentina.  The Argentinean who extended his winning streak to 12 fights took the ESPN2: Friday Night Fights bout on a 2-week notice after Melligen’s original opponent Freddy Hernandez suffered an injury.

Melligen fighting out of Cebu‘s famed ALA stable dominated the first part of the U.S.-Televised fight.  When Lujan found his range starting at the 4th round, Melligen had a hard time dealing with the Argentinean’s offensive.  He eventually fell down 4 times fround Round 6 and the match eventually ended in the 9th round.

It was Melligen’s first loss in 6 bouts and his 2nd defeat in the U.S. His record fell to 21 wins with losses.  It was a disappointing loss for his because he was touted to be one of the future Filipino boxing champions.

A lot of forumers and bloggers are again noticing the failure of ALA Gym in winning the big matches.  For years the cebu-based gym has been honing the best boxing prospects in the country only to fail in the big fights.  It is tough but hopefully ALA will produce a World Champion before 2012.

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