Color Manila: A Fun Run, Color Festival and Party in One | Cebu 2015

5 Jun

Literally a fun run… šŸ˜‰

Emjae Fotos | Travel and Photo Blog

3..2..1..BOOM! Colors everywhere. That was how the Color Manila Run in Cebu climaxed with the vibrant color festival. Happy faces and colorful smiles were all around the place dancing and jamming to the beat. It was a rave party on a Sunday morning. Yes, a party you wake up early for but itā€™s worth it.

So I woke up at 2:30AM, 30 minutes earlier than my alarm and I donā€™t know why. No Iā€™m not excited, maybe just a bit. I just want to experience the fun since itā€™s my first time and probably the closest I can get to a color festival like Holi.

Ready Color Manila Cebu Run 2015 The start/finish line with a lovely background.

The Color Manila Run took placeĀ in the South Road Properties, just beside the venue where the Kasadya sa SRP is held.

There wereĀ 3 categories, the 10K, 6k and 3K with a registration fee of Php750. The raceā€¦

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