Bantayan Island Tour Day 2

13 Apr

Visiting Cebu? Here is another great post about Bantayan Island 😉

Welcome to my wonderland

*All photos are mine. Please don’t copy or use without my permission

April 12, 2015 – We all decided to wake up early for the island tour we booked for the day.

photo by Sheila Gimutao

Sleeping in a tent by the beach is mighty convenient since we could just swim whenever we could. There are also beach resorts and small stores near the beach so we could have breakfast anywhere. Naturally, we opt for cheaper alternatives so I had a hot chocolate drink, scrambled egg, and pancit cantonfor only Php 50. While eating, Judith asked us to contribute Php 50 each for the fish they’ll be buying at the public market. We plan on grilling the fish so we could have lunch while island hopping.

We paid Php 100 each (there’s 14 of us) for the boat ride to and from the islands. Boat rides essentially cost Php…

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