CSCR Accident: 5 Dead in another Road Mishap at the SRP

16 Mar

Another deadly accident happened yesterday at the South Road Properties area.  Five people died after their car collided with a prime mover truck at the Cebu South Coastal Road (CSCR).  According to truck driver Danilo Cojo, the car was going towards Talisay and  the driver of the car apparently lost control of the vehicle and hit the island before transferring to the opposite lane where it bumped with the truck that he was driving.  The car was dragged around 20 meters before the truck was brought to a full stop. The fatalities were Alma Basalo; Gwendolyn Basalo, Rosette Capala, and driver Rustico Bas.  The truck driver and his assistant suffered minor injuries.  Police are still studying if the driver can be held liable

Here is a report by GMANews:

The CSCR is fast becoming the most accident prone area of the city.  Cebu City Mayor Mike Rama has reduced the speed limit in the area but it do not drastically reduce the number of road mishaps and fatalities in the area.


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