Jealous Cebuano Wife’s Rage makes National news

2 Mar

An incident between a Vice-Mayor’s wife and his alleged paramour in Barangay Cogon-Ramos, Cebu City has made it to the national news after more details about the incident has come out. Here are some links from the major newspapers and networks:

GMA News: Jealous Vice-Mayor’s Wife attacks lawyer

Inquirer: Cebu town Vice-Mayor’s Scandal unfolds

Philstar: Woman attack’s Hubby’s lover 

The wife of Ronda Vice-Mayor Jonnah John Ungab is currently facing frustrated murder charges after she was caught beating up Atty. Jiecel Tiu with a baseball bat near Centro Maximo Building in Barangay Cogon-Ramos. 41 year old Pearl Ungab was initially detained at Fuente Police Station before she was transferred to a hospital.  Mrs. Ungab is seven weeks pregnant and was placed under hospital arrest.

Based on the news reports, Atty. Tiu used to work at the same law firm with the assailant’s husband.  She left Ungab, Gealon and Associates last year to somehow appease the very jealous wife. The female lawyer denied that she ever had an affair with Vice-Mayor Ungab. She is one of the godmother’s of one of the Ungab couple’s six children.  She said that the Vice-Mayor’s wife was banging her car, while she was trying to exit the parking lot of Centro Maximo.  Mrs. Ungab got frustrated because Atty. Tiu would not come out of her vehicle. Mrs. Ungab broke her rear passenger window prompting her to drive away.  The angry wife caught up with her in Echavez Extension and her Toyota Vios was rammed by the bigger Nissan Navarra of Mrs. Ungab.  Atty. Tiu said that Mrs. Ungab then alighted the Nissan Navarra and used a baseball bat to smash the driver’s side window of her car and proceeded to hit her with a baseball, before a traffic officer was able to stop the assault.  Mrs. Ungab allegedly tried to flee from the incident, but was stopped by curious bystanders. She was then brought to the Fuente Police Station.

Based on Mrs. Ungab’s account of the incident, she was running after the younger Tiu because the lawyer pepper sprayed her face.  She also said that Atty. Tiu attempted to bump her and her 2 year old child with her car. She admitted to destroying the side mirror of Atty. Tiu’s Toyota Vios but denied hitting the lawyer with a baseball bat.  She is mulling on filing counter charges against Atty. Tiu.

Who is telling the truth? The court will decide.




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