Kan-anan: Gibb’s Hot Wings

8 Feb

I am sure many of you love hot chicken wings.  One great place to have some delicious and spicy hot wings in Cebu is in Gibb’s Hot Wings.  Located inside the Holy Family Village 2 Subdivision in Banilad, this home/restaurant has become popular to Cebuano foodies.

Their wall has been full of unique one-line testimonials from the thousands of happy diners who ate their mouthwatering and sweat causing chicken wings.

Cebu Gibb's Hot Wings

Mouthwatering Chicken Wings from Gibb’s Hot Wings

At Gibb’s Hot Wings, you can choose the spice level of your wings.  Level 1 is hot while Level 5 is Freakin’ Hot!

Author’s Comment:  This place has become my favorite chicken wing place here in Cebu and I managed to survive eating level 5. More details at Kalami Cebu.

How about you? What level can you handle???


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