Cebuano Lawyer disbarred

8 Feb

Lawyer Raul Sesbreño was disbarred by the Supreme Court on the grounds of his homicide conviction of a crime committed more than 20 years ago.  The Court in banc voted unanimously in the disbarment case filed by Dr. Melvyn Garcia as the homicide conviction involved a crime of moral turpitude.

Based on court records, Sesbreño shot dead Luciano Amparado  who mistook the victim as one of the burglars trying to open his wife’s store on June 3, 1993.  The Cebu City Regional Trial Court originally found the lawyer guilty of murder and he was sentenced to life imprisonment.  The verdict was affirmed by the High Court but the charge was lowered to homicide and Sesbreño was sentenced to serve 9 to 16 years in prison. The lawyer was able to secure an executive clemency of his conviction which reduced his sentence allowing him to be paroled on July 2001. Raul Sesbreño argued that the executive clemency has restored his full civil and political rights allowing him to resume his legal practice but the Supreme Court quashed his argument by ruling that the parole granted to him was not absolute and unconditional thus, the justices ruled in favor of the disbarment.


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  1. rogel February 8, 2015 at 5:44 pm #

    sesbrenic magic did not work hu hu hu



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