Two TEAM members in hot water after Youtube video went viral

5 Feb

Two members of the Traffic Enforcement Agency of Mandaue (TEAM) were relieved from their posts after allegedly accepting 1,500 pesos from a foreigner who made an illegal U-Turn at the Ouano Avenue, North Reclamation Area last January 18, 2015.  A 4-minute clip was uploaded by the traffic violator who happened to be a foreigner in an attempt to expose the alleged extortion by the traffic cops.

The video showed that the driver deliberately ignored the U-Turn sign.  It was edited with some personal commentary about the incident. The driver made a U-Turn at the intersection near S&R during a stop sign.  The video editor put a comment implying that nobody takes notice of No U-Turn signs in Cebu. The video also took exception that tricycles are running in the national highway even its prohibited.  The foreigner claims that his girlfriend gave 1,500 to let them off the hook.

Traffic enforcers Arman Gallardo and Gringo Pinados denied the allegations but Edwin Ermac, chief of the Traffic Enforcement Agency of Mandaue relieved them from their posts not for accepting money but for not issuing a traffic citation ticket. According to Ermac, the two needs to prove that they let go the violator out of good faith and not because they extorted money. The video, however, did not capture the traffic enforcers receiving any money.  Ermac is encouraging the foreigner to lodge a formal complaint and if the enforcers are found guilty, they will be terminated from service aside from obtaining criminal liability.

The video has almost 4,000 views as of this morning.



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