Cebu Garbage Problem: Plastic Recycling Facility opens in Inayawan Landfill; SWMB Resigns

5 Feb

The Inayawan landfill was closed down last month and the ceasing the operations in a way highlighted the need for Cebu to address the city’s garbage situation. A Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)-funded plastic to fuel facility is operating in Inayawan to help Cebu City reduce it solid waste.  The facility is operated by Yokohama-based Mansel Recycle Systems Co.

The new recycling facility will convert the plastic wastes thrown at the Inayawan landfill into plastic fuel fluff or pellets.  The plastic fluff and pellets will then be sold to cement manufacturers as a fuel alternative.  The 2nd phase of the recycling plant project is to upgrade the facility to make it process all kinds of recyclable wastes.  Once this phase is completed, the recycling facility is estimated to reduce Cebu City’s garbage by 25%.  The project’s operation will be turned over to the city in January 2016.

 Solid Waste Management Board member resigns

SWMB member Francis Paragas voluntarily gave up his seat yesterday after Councilors Nida Cabrera and Gerardo Carillo opined about an apparent conflict interest between his position and his garbage collection business.  Paragas is the chairman of NGO Paglaum Basurero.  The NGO is in boiled in a controversy involving the collection of fees from private establishments without the approval from the City Government.



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