Kan-anan: Carnivore Cebu

4 Feb

Are you tired of the usual fried meat that typical restaurants offer? Would you like to taste meals that is prepared using advanced culinary techniques?  A restaurant in The Gallery at Mabolo is offering dishes that it is different yet very delicious using familiar ingredients.  Carnivore Cebu specializes in serving amazing meat dishes in a very cozy setting.

The main star in Carnivore is definitely the meat entrees.  They cook pork, lamb,beef, chicken, and fish.  Unlike many restaurants where they list almost 100 dishes, at Carnivore you will not be so confused because their menu is limited to a few items.  Another nice feature with their menu is that they tell the diners where the main ingredients are sourced.  They get pork from Asturias, Cebu, beef from Bukidnon, and greens from Liloan. The restaurant also serve some sandwiches, salads, and desserts.



The dishes here are well thought of and the chef showcases her formidable technical skills and excellent culinary knowledge in every entree that comes out of the Carnivore’s open kitchen.  If you want to try some not so ordinary dishes.  This is the place to be.

Author’s Note: I really enjoyed the Australian Lamb and the pork from Asturias in my last visit, more details via KALAMI CEBU





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