Sunog 2015: Fire Hits Barangay Basay-San Nicolas

26 Jan

Nine-Three families were left homeless after a fire hit in Sitio Colo Isla Alegre, Barangay Basak-San Nicolas, Cebu City late afternoon yesterday.  At least 51 houses were destroyed and Cebu City fire department estimated the damage at 500,000 pesos.

The fire department received the alarm at 4:45 pm and the fire was under control by 5:39 pm. The fire victims are currently staying at the Basak Community School Gymnasium. According to City Fire Marshal Rogelio Bongabong, the firemen had a hard time putting out the blaze due to the vary narrow roads going to the affected houses and most of the houses were made of light materials and were built very close to each other allowing the fire to spread quickly.  According Bongabong, the firemen had to connect several hoses to reach the main area and the windy conditions also made their job difficult.

Just a few days ago, a major fire also hit in Danao City which damaged 6.19 Million worth of properties including a police station and several government offices. Based on the fire department records, yesterday’s fire is the 6th incident in a residential area in Cebu City for 2015.




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