2015 PBA Philipine Cup Finals: Halftime Analysis

21 Jan

San Miguel  48  Alaska 27

The second quarter started with San Miguel with a 21-12 lead.  Fajardo scored in the first possession of the quarter to give San Miguel its first double digit lead. Sonny Thoss answered in the other end. Chris Lutz was able to get some free throws after getting the offensive rebound and being fouled in his subsequent attempt. He made both free throws to bring the lead to 11 once again. Lutz exploited the mismatch by dominating the boards against Jvee Casio to give SMB another second chance point. Fajardo assisted Ronal Tubid in the next possession to extend the lead to 15. Thoss scored a lone free throw in the other end.  Fajardo responds with a nifty fadeaway after being fouled by Thoss in the previous play.  Casio scored for Alaska in the other end but Tubid responded with a difficult shot.  Casio scores again with a drive then Eman shoved Tubid which force June Mar Fajardo to retaliate.  After the smoked cleared, Eman and Fajardo were slapped with technical fouls for second motion. June Mar got double digits in the next play. After a miss by Alaska, Fajardo scores again via an offensive rebound by the Cebuano giant.  Cyrus Baguio finally breaks the bad stretch for Alaska but Cabagnot scored in the other end. Fajardo calls a timeout in after getting a rebound and being hounded by 2 Aces. Arwind booms a triple of a time out!  Menk hit a wide open 17-footer. Alaska steals after Fajardo made an offensive rebound.  Abuja is on the line but went o for 2. Fajardo is dominating the boards.  Fajardo with another offensive rebound. He hits 1 of 2 to give SMB it’s first 20 point lead in the game. June Mar scores from the inside in the next SMB possession. Tubid steals. Banchero scores but Tubid answers with a 3.   Abueva got a score off an offensive rebound.  Arwind Santos blocks Abueva to end the half. The Beermen outscored the Aces 27-15 in the second period.


The main factors of the first half are REBOUNDING and outside shooting.  San Miguel got multiple possessions and second chance points as they dominated the boards in both ends.  Fajardo and Lutz had several offensive rebounds which resulted to scores. San Miguel has also been hitting its outside shots led by Arwind Santos who made 4 three-point shots in the half.  June Mar Fajardo dominated the low post while the snipers of San Miguel has hit 7 three point baskets.

The first half belonged to San Miguel and it is expected that the Aces will make several adjustments.  They have shown their ability to launch a comeback throughout the season so let’s see if they can pull off another magical rally in Game 7.  San Miguel has matched the energy and the intensity of the Aces which made it difficult for Alaska to play their usual game. Alaska must start hitting their long range shots and they should find a way to crash the boards and prevent June Mar to singlehandedly beat them.



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