Will a Typhoon ruin your Sinulog 2015 plans?

12 Jan

A Low Pressure Area is developing in the Pacific Ocean and it could develop into a typhoon that could affect the country this week. This coming weekend is very eventful for Cebuanos because of the Sinulog and also because Pope Francis is in the country. I checked Accuweather and see what is their weather forecast for Cebu.

Weather forecast for Cebu January 12-26

Accuweather forecast for Cebu

Based on the forecast tomorrow will be rainy then Cebu will have two days of beautiful weather.  Friday will be rainy which could alter some plans for many people specially those who want to join LifeDance 2015. Because of this forecast, some might just buy tickets at the gate because rains could definitely affect an outdoor venue. For a few optimists, rain could actually make outdoor events more enjoyable and memorable. Saturday will also be another rainy day but the good news is that on Sunday the weather will begin to improve.


These are just forecasts and it could change in 24-48 hours so keep yourself posted. Let’s keep on praying for fine weather and Pit Senyor!


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