Now showing : Kubot The Aswang Chronicles 2

26 Dec


Once again, Cebuano movie livers will be treated to some of the latest Filipino flicks as it is the Metro Manila Film Festival season.  For the next two weeks, there will be no foreign language film in any of the country’s movie theaters. This year’s MMFF lineup includes movies from blockbuster stars like Vic Sotto, Kris Aquino, Vice Ganda, and Robin Padilla.  Regal films entered another Shake,  Rattle,  and Roll film.  Jorge Estregan revived an Fpj movie. There are a lot of quality films to choose from and the season is the best to watch a pinoy film.

The first movie to be featured in this blog would be Kubot The Aswang Chronicles 2. This action-horror-comedy flick us topbilled by Dingdong Dantes as Macoy, the Aswang killer.  Part 1 of this movie was shown last year and it was known for its graphics and the use of modern cinematography technology.  In part 1, Macoy killed almost a whole clan of Aswangs who wanted to kill newly born child. 
Part 2 is fun with the comic injections of Joey Marquez and Lotlot de Leon.  Here are some things that got stuck in my head after watching the movie:

1. I don’t want to eat hotdogs for a while. Eating too much could make one Aswang.
2. Bagoong can kill Aswang.
3. Aswang can be Hot as in Isabelle Daza and Marian Rivera hot.
4. Lotlot de Leon is so funny.
5. There are different Aswang breeds.
6. Those hairy feinds are pretty tough.
7. Can’t wait for the sequel.

It was an enjoyable film.  Not scary and it was a good movie to watch if you want to be entertained in a lazy holiday afternoon. 


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