FC Barcelona School to hold Training Camps for Kids in Cebu

23 Jul
FC Barcelona Rugby League

FC Barcelona Rugby League (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the world’s most popular football clubs, the FC Barcelona of Spain will hold training camps for kids via its official school, the FCB Escola. It would be the third time for the FCB Escola to hold a training camp in the country. The 5-day camp will be held at the Aboitiz Football Field from October 26 to 30.

The camp is open for boys and girls from the ages 6 to 14.  There will be two time slots for training.  The first session will be 2 to 4 pm while the evening session will be from 5-7 pm. Expected in the camps will be participants from all over the country and the expected majority will come from the Visayas.

There are also slots reserved for the underprivileged children through the organizer’s sponsorship program.

Visit the website to learn how your kids can start training and learning the Barca way at an early age.



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