Deadline of UPCAT Application for Cebuanos will be June 27, 2014

23 Jun
The original UP Oblation

The original UP Oblation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cebuanos and other non-Metro Manila applicants have until this Friday June 27, 2014 to complete their UPCAT application in order take this year’s UPCAT.

How to apply:

1 Obtain application forms through your authorized school representative, directly from the UP Office of Admissions in Diliman, from the Office of the University Registrar in a UP campus (UP Campus in Cebu is in Lahug, Cebu City) nearest you, or from the UPCAT website (

2 Carefully read the information and instructions in the GenInfo Bulletin.

3 Fill out UPCAT Form 1 (UPCAT Application for Freshman Admission).

4 Give UPCAT Form 2 (Secondary School Record) to your high school principal or school head. Only a duly authorized school official may fill out this form.

5 Pay the UPCAT Application Fee (see Sec. III. MODES OF PAYMENT) or prepare the originals and photocopies of the necessary documentary proof for exemption (see Sec. II.3.b Exempted).

 a. If paying thru LBP or PNB, accomplish 3 deposit slips and have them validated, then attach 1 validated slip to your application.

 b. If paying with MC/CC, attach the MC or CC (payable to UPCAT) to your application.

 c. If you are qualified for exemption, attach supporting documents (i.e. photocopies of the Income Tax Returns of earning members of your family, BIR Certification of Exemption, or certified Top Ten List) to your application.

6 Make sure you have all the requirements that must be submitted together with UPCAT Forms 1 and 2.

 a. Four recent and identical 2″x2″ photos;

 b. As required, a certified and signed legible photocopy of your Permanent Secondary School Record (F137) from schools attended other than your present school (if you are a transferee) or from your present school (if you needed more than 4 years to finish high school);

 c. If applicable, certification re CMG status from National Commission of Indigenous People (NCIP);

 d. Proof of payment of or Exemption from the UPCAT Application Fee (see Sec. IV.5, above); and

 e. A self-addressed stamped envelope or return courier service if the Test Permit is to be mailed back to you. Be sure to use your school address.

7 Submit the completed forms and all other required documents directly to the UP Office of Admissions, University of the Philippines, 1101 Diliman, Q.C. either through the authorized school (not a bank) representative or by mail. You can also submit your completed forms and all other required documents to selected regional UPCAT application filing centers in: UP Baguio, UP Cebu, UP Iloilo, UP Los Banos, UP Mindanao, UP Pampanga and UP Tacloban.

For more information you may check out:


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