Super Typhoon Yolanda Aftermath: Damage severe in the Storm Path

9 Nov

One day after Super Typhoon Yolanda (International Name: Haiyan) battered several areas in the Philippines, a clearer picture of the devastation has emerged.  The super typhoon leveled towns and cities in the eastern seaboard of the country. It utterly altered the landscape in the 6 areas it made landfall.

Leyte, whose residents claiming to be used storm surges and over 200 kph, was left in shambles. The residents did not expect to have flooding way higher than they ever experienced.  Houses were destroyed and it did not matter if the house made of concrete or wood.  Many died due to falling trees and debris and due to drowning as streets were flooded by over 6 feet of water. Towns were literally cutoff as roads became unpassable and power as well as telecommunication signals were cut off.

Ormoc Bus Terminal Photo From Mimikins Sanday via Gma’s Youscoop

The third and fourth landfall of the typhoon was in the province of Cebu.  FThe third landfall was in Daanbantayan and a few minutes later Yolanda made landfall in Bantayan Island. The media and the government officials had a hard time contacting the northern towns of Cebu after the typhoon passed.  As of last night, there were at least 20 casualties from Cebu due to the onslaught of Yolanda. Seven came from Bantayan, six from Bogo, four from Medellin, two from San Remigio and one from Lapu-Lapu City. Several people were also reportedly injured suffering wounds and fractures. Here some videos from the different media outfits:




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