2013 Ronda Pilipinas Stage 4: Sicam wins; Y101’s Davadilla gets White Jersey

17 Jan

Harvey Sicam continued the tradition started by his tw0-time tour champ uncle Jacinto Sicam in making a name in the Philippine‘s top cycling tour.  Jacinto Sicam was the champion in 1981 and 1982. Harvey Sicam riders for the Roadbike Philippines/RTS team. He was able to beat Ryan Tugawin of Team Enrile and Rey Martin of V-Mobile/Smart in their sprint to the finish.

Red Jersey holder Santy Barnachea of Philippine Navy padded his lead by 24 seconds from his nearest pursuer Tomas Martinez of Team Tarlac.  He now leads the pack by a least 2:25. Rudy Roque also created some separation from George Oconer in the race for the top young cyclist.  Ronald Oranza is now the holder of the Blue Jersey after finishing just 7 seconds behind the stage winner.

It was also a good day for the hosts Y101FM/Cebu as skipper Warren Davadilla wrested the King of the Mountain (KOM) jersey from Irish Valuenzuela. It was the second straight stage that Davadilla became team Cebu’s best performing rider. Davadilla came 3rd in the previous stage. Teammate  Marvin Tapic is now no. 2 in the KOM classification.  The Y101FM/Cebu team is running 7th in the overall team classifications.

Tomorrow’s stage will be going to the Northern towns of Cebu.  After completing Stage 5, the Ronda will travel to Luzon for the final stages of the tour.  Here is a recap of the leaders after 4 stages of the 2013 Ronda Pilipinas.


Stage 4: Cebu to Cebu (Southern Loop) 134.2

Stage Honors

  1. Harvey Sicam (Roadbike Philippines/RTS ) 3:45:02
  2. Ryan Tugawin (Team Enrile)  2 seconds behind
  3. Rey Martin (V-Mobile/Smart) 2 seconds behind
Top 3 teams of Stage 4
  1. Philippine Navy/ Standard Insurance 11:16:35
  2. PLDT/Spyder 22 seconds behind
  3. Team Enrile 41 seconds behind
Top 10 in Individual Over-all Classification after 4 stages (Red Jersey)
  1. Santy Barnachea (Philippine Navy/ Standard Insurance) 13:39:50
  2. Tomas Martinez (Team Tarlac) 00:02:25 behind
  3. Rudy Roque (American Vinyl/LPGMA) 00:02:34 behind
  4. George Oconer (Philippine Navy/Standard Insurance) 00:02:40 behind (up from No.7)
  5. Ronald Oranza (PLDT/Spyder) 00:03:42 behind (New Entry)
  6. Ronald Gorantes (Roadbike Philippines/RTS) 00:03:46 behind (down from No.4)
  7. Irish Valenzuela (American Vinyl/LPGMA) 00:03:47 behind (down from No.5)
  8. Rey Martin (V-Mobile/Smart) 00:03:50 behind (New Entry)
  9. Joel Calderon (V-Mobile/Smart) 00:03:50 behind (down from No.6)
  10. Harvey Sicam (Roadbike Philippines/RTS ) 00:03:55 behind

Out of the Top 10

  1. Marcelo Felipe (V-Mobile/Smart) 00:04:05 behind (No. 11)
  2. Cris Joven (American Vinyl/LPGMA) 00:04:21 behind (No.12)
  3. Reynaldo Navarro (Hundred Islands/Pangasinan) 00:04:24 behind (No.13)

Top 5 Teams Overall after 4 stages

  1. Philippine Navy/Standard Insurance 41:03:21
  2. V-Mobile/Smart 00:4:22 behind (lost 63 seconds during the stage)
  3. Roadbike Philippines/RTS 00:06:24 behind (lost 61 seconds)
  4. American Vinyl/LPGMA 00:07:14 behind (lost 70 seconds)
  5. Team Tarlac 00:11:00 behind (lost 56 seconds)

Top 5 in Best Young Rider Classification (Yellow/Gold Jersey)

  1. Rudy Roque (American Vinyl/LPGMA) 13:42:24 (up from No.2)
  2. George Oconer (Philippine Navy/Standard Insurance)  00:01:06 behind
  3. Ronald Oranza (PLDT/Spyder) 00:01:08 behind
  4. Vicente Vicmar (Mindanao/Cycleline Butuan) 00:02:39 behind (down from No.3)
  5. Jerry Aquino Jr. (Roadbike Philippines/RTS) 00:04:30behind (up from No.6)

Top Sprinter (Blue Jersey):

  1. Ronald Oranza (PLDT/Spyder)  36 pts
  2. Rudy Roque (American Vinyl/LPGMA) 34 points
  3. Harvey Sicam (Roadbike Philippines/RTS ) 34 pts

King of the Mountain (White Jersey):

  1. Warren Davadilla (Y101FM/Cebu) 10 pts
  2. Marvin Tapic (Y101FM/Cebu) 9 pts
  3. Rudy Roque (American Vinyl/LPGMA) 7 pts

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