1st Mayor Mike Rama Motocross Cup: Jon-Jon Adlawan leads list of winners

15 Aug

Cebu City – Jon-Jon Adlawan of Powersports Racing won both pro divisions in front of a mammoth crowd in the  1st Mayor Mike Rama Motocross Cup held at the South Road Porperties last Sunday.  Here are the list of winners of the different categories:

  • Pro Open Division – Jon-Jon Adlawan
  • Pro Elite Division – Jon-Jon Adlawan
  • Intermediate Class – John Flores
  • Open Enduro – Dongkey Sanchez
  • Local Enduro – Dongkey Sanchez
  • Novice Open Production – Jougee Basco
  • Veterans A – Seigfred Ornopia
  • Veterans B – Seigfred Ornopia
  • Peewee – Ken Ornopia
  • Mini – Bryle Ornopia
  • Executive C – Butch Flores
  • Beginner’s Open – James Matol
  • Underbone – Kent Limpag

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Click HERE for more phot0s from the event


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