Residents say NO to Guadalupe split

28 Jul

The people of Guadalupe, Cebu City has been spoken. With 67% percent of those who voted saying “No!”, the results  gave a resounding message to the politicians and the leaders who campaigned for the enactment of Republic Act (RA) 9905 of then Congressman and long-time Guadalupe resident Antonio Cuenco. The plebiscite had an underwhelming 42.5% voter turnout with 8,107 voters siding with “No” while only 3,990 wanting Cebu City’s biggest barangay to be split up.

It was a big victory for the incumbent officials led by barangay Michael Gacasan.  Former Guadalupe village chief Eugenio “Jing-Jing” Faelnar also voted for No. Bill author Antonio Cuenco was disappointed with the outcome but he accepted the decision of the residents.  Mayor Mike Rama who was a big supporter of the creation of the new Barangay Banawa-Englis failed to vote as he was outside the country.  Another happy observer was Labangon Barangay captain Victor Buendia who would have become a resident of the new barangay had the “YES” side won.  Former Mayor Tomas Osmena and wife Margot Osmena decided not to vote even if they were residents of the barangay because they wanted the people to decide for the fate of Guadalupe.  When asked for a reaction with the result, Osmena said that the result showed that Rama and Cuenco have little influence on the people of Guadalupe.

Some observers believed that Osmena was playing safe as he is afraid to create enemies with an election coming in less than 10 months.  We will not know if indeed the plebiscite have some effect on the May 2013 polls but as early as now, the opposing camps can use what happened as canon fodder for the coming election campaigns.




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