Decision time for Guadalupe residents on Banawa-Englis creation

27 Jul

Today the residents of Barangay Guadalupe will vote  on the proposed creation of Barangay Banawa-Englis. The registered voters of Gaudalupe will just just choose Yes or No on their ballots.  A “YES” vote means that they are in favor of splitting Cebu City‘s largest barangay into 2. While a “NO” vote means that they want to retain the status quo.

Voting will start at 7 am and polls will close at 3 in the afternoon. Results are expected to come out by 9 in the evening. If the YES votes prevail, Brangay Banawa-Englis will be the city’s 81st Barangay.

Barangay Guadalupe has a population of 47,000 and it is estimated that around 23,000 live in the Banawa-Englis area. The incumbent Barangay captain is Michael Gacasan.  A YES victory in the plebiscite  will create the new barangay but it will still be under the governance of Guadalupe until a special elections will be conducted by the COMELEC to elect the first ever set of officials of Barangay Banawa-Englis.

The holding of plebiscite today receive a stiff opposition from residents of Labangon headed by Labangon Barangay captain Victor Buendia.  Buendia wants the Supreme Court to nullify the results should “YES” win because his barangay is not given a say on the matter as it also affects 13 sitios of Labangon.  Buendia’s opposition got into the nerves of former Congressman Antonio Cuneco who authored the bill creating the new barangay.  Cuenco is reportedly asking the courts to remove Buendia from his position as he is not a resident of Labangon since his house is within the boundaries of Guadalupe.

The vote might not affect much the lives of ordinary citizens outside Banawa-Englis but it is important for Guadalupe residents to get out and vote today to have at least have a say on the issue. Some pundits consider this plebiscite as preview of the May 2013 elections as Mayor Mike Rama and ex-Congressman Antonio Cuenco are vocal supporters of the split.  By tomorrow, the people of Cebu will know if the dream of some residents in Banawa-Englis to have their own barangay will become a reality.


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