Suwayi: Iba Shake at Zubuchon

17 May
Iba or in Tagalog Kamias is a very common fruit in the Philippines.  I remember we used to have an Iba tree in the backyard of my dad’s place in Bohol.  We usually eat the fruit during summer; but, most of the time, we just totally ignore it.  Well, during my last visit to Zubuchon, I was able to try a concoction made out of this fruit, which is used as a souring ingredient for sinigang.The Kamias Shake at Zubuchon does not have the usually overpowering sourness of Iba. It actually tasted very good and was quite refreshing. It was quite similar to Green Mango shake, but you could taste that distinct flavor of iba. The shake is a bit sour and it really goes well with savory food and also with Zubuchon’s famous lechon.  If you happen to be at Zubuchon try out the Kamias Shake. 😉

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