Food Trip: Ngohiongan at Fairlane Village Guadalupe

29 Mar
Aside from puso (hanging rice) and steamed rice, another Cebuano “original” is the ngohoing (ngo-yong). Ngohiong is Cebu‘s version of vegetable lumpia. It is quite popular that you can buy it in dimsum places like Harbour City or in the streets in your favorite pongko-ponko. One popular food spot known for ngohiong is in Fairlane Subdivision in Guadalupe.  It is just a small eatery but it is usually packed during lunch time.
One time, I had a craving for this crunchy food item. I decided to take some of my agents to Doming’s at Fairlane to have a taste of the best ngohiong according to many people. We went their at lunch time and we had to wait for a bit because they ran out of puso. The ngohiong is freshly fried when it came. I also ordered some fried batikon (chicken gizzards).  We really enjoyed our lunch and the best part is that we did not spend that much. Currently, the ngohiong is sold for only 6 pesos ($0.15) a piece and the puso is only at 2 pesos. If you are in a saving mode, you can actually have a lunch with just 20 pesos (2 ngohiongs and 4 puso). The key to an enjoyable ngohiong meal is the sauce and Doming’s sauce compliments their ngohiong well. No wonder many people go their to have lunch everyday.  If you happen to be in Guadalupe and you are looking for an affordable lunch alternative, try Doming’s. Beware you might become one of their suki (regular customers).
Look at the prices!
Perfect Combination:Ngohiong and Puso
Freshly Friend Ngohiong at its best
Ngohiong Sauce
Fried Batikon!
Additional Info:
Driving Directions: Go to V.Rama Avenue, make your way towards Guadalupe Church, when you reach Guadalupe Elementary School there is a small road at the left side of the street and you will see the signage of Fairlane Village.  Go to that road, then turn right and follow the road and you will see the eatery.  Park your car when you find an open space along the road, just make sure you do not block a house gate.
Jeepney: 06B or 06H. Just tell the driver that you want to get off Fairlane or just go down a few meters after Guadalupe Elementary School and walk towards the subdivision.

Kan-anan: Dong Juan
Dimsum delivery in Cebu
Lunch at Matias Barbecue
Doming’s in Facebook
Dining at Lemon Grass


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