Tips: Where to eat in Ayala Center Cebu when you have a limited budget?

20 Aug

Ayala Center Cebu is one of the major malls in Cebu City. The impression of many is that Ayala caters more on the “richer” market segment. The Class A and B is indeed the market most shops in Ayala Center Cebu but it does not mean that you cannot enjoy malling when you are on a limited budget.

One of the major expense of malling is food. If you really want to be full, typically you might need to spend around 100 pesos per person on a meal.  There is actually a place in Ayala where you can spend less but get a filling lunch. It is called Mall Express Cafeteria.

The Cafeteria is located at the highest floor near Fitness First Cebu. It serves viands carenderia-style. A good meal could be less than 50 pesos ($1.20). Mall Express offers a lot choices from vegetables, meat, fish, pancit, and dessert. The last time I went there, I paid around 328 for a meal for 5 with drinks. Check it out!

With their prices, you will have more money for movies, clothes, or Time Zone. 😉

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