Osmeña vs. Rama I: Who’s the mayor???

13 Dec
Cebu City City Hall

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Mayor Michael Rama – The new mayor

Congressman Tomas Osmeña – The old mayor

Joy Pesquera – The mayor’s confidant

Rene Mercado – The mayors friend

Other characters:

Disgruntled employees


The list

Introduction: The recent conflict between Mayor Mike and Cong. Tom has become a teleserye that people who read local news follow.  It is surprising to see that these two allies are slowly becoming brutal rivals.  The conflict is turning the City Hall beat into a pseud0-showbiz beat.

The fictional plot: The story starts when Mayor Mike “appointed” close allies Rene Mercado and lovely Joy Pesquera into positions that are somehow involved with the operations of the City Hall.  Rene has started interviewing suppliers while Ms. Joy is interviewing old employees.  A mole in the city hall has informed the previous mayor about the happenings in the mayor’s office. It did not sit well with the newly-elected congressman especially he was recently not invited in a “party” with the new barangay officials.  He called some reporters to voice out his “concerns” about how the city is being managed. As usual the reporters would ask Mike for a reaction. It definitely did not sit well with him. He came out with a folder containing 300 concerns that were not addressed by the past administration. What does the folder contain? What will Tom do next? —Wait for the next chapter of this saga on the Rama administration 2010-13 😉

caloycomment: Who is the mayor of Cebu City???  If you have read the local papers in Cebu, you will definitely have known about the “conflict” of Congressman Tomas Osmeña and Mayor Mike Rama.  They are hurling accusations against each other in the past few days and as a Cebuano this conflict concerns me.  Ex-Mayor Osmeña is putting the new mayor’s style under close scrutiny. His intentions might be well but the way he throws criticisms rubs off Mayor Michael Rama the wrong way.

Mike Rama should know from his history that publicly challenging Tomas will lead to a big defeat (see Alvin Garcia). Some of the criticism that involved people close to his heart like Rene Mercado and Joy Pesquera might have somehow turned Cebu City politics into a teleserye.  It irked him so much that he announced a list of things that the previous administration failed to address.  I guess the student has turned against his mentor. Mayor Mike is a capable lawyer and he is quiet cool person. Something really made him tick, I do not want to guess but ex-mayor Tomas has that ability to get to someone’s nerve (ask Gwen Garcia).  If Mike keeps this up, he will end up as a lame duck mayor and that would be so bad for the city.

Tomas Osmeña has been mayor for many years and somehow he made Cebu City one of the best cities in the country.  He knows that ins and outs in running the city and he was really hands on.  The problem now is that he wants his style to be followed by his anointed successor. Well, each man is different.  Mike’s personality is way to different from Tom. He wants to be friends with everybody and nothing is wrong with that.  He wants to succeed by his own means. He wants to be known as Michael Rama the Mayor not Mike Rama the Osmena puppet. By doing so, he wants to implement his own systems.  While change can be good, change bring stress to the old-timers.  A lot  of people will tell Congressman Osmena about the “bad” changes that the new mayor is implementing.  A lot people will also tell the new mayor that the old-timers should go. By listening to the disgruntled individuals, both Mike and Tom created a negative impression on each other. They need to talk to each other directly and address the issue instead of just talking to reporters who are slowly transforming into showbiz reporters. City Hall is now becoming Hollywood and it is quiet amusing.  Let’s see what happens in the next chapter of this drama. 😉


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