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USJ-R Scandal Update: Ex-Boyfriend submits to lie detector test

27 Feb

The young man who was in the controversial sex video that involved a student of University of San Jose- Recoletos has submitted himself to a lie detector test as part the National Bureau of Investegation’s (NBI) ongoing investigation on how the video ended up in the worldwide web.   The young man is sticking with his story that he lost his mobile phone that contained the intimate videos that he recorded with his ex-girlfriend 2 years ago He said that he did not have a reason to humiliate the young woman as they parted ways amicably.   The NBI has scheduled his polygraph test at the end of the week.

The video has gone viral earlier this month and it has been a hot topic in Cebu.  There was even a time that the school suspended the policy of requiring students to wear their uniforms. USJ-R declared they are going to allow the girl in the video to graduate this coming March.  The girl on the video has sought the assistance of the NBI to figure who culpable in uploading the video to the internet.


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